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I transform businesses


I'm an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and marketing & strategy consultant. I help companies to achieve rapid revenue and profit growth.

I started out developing advertising and marketing programs at Procter & Gamble.

Since then I have helped start and scale several businesses, including MTN Nigeria which we grew to almost US$3 billion in revenue.

I also co-founded Virgin Biznet and helped build it to over £10 million revenues.

I've been involved as a founder, co-founder, investor or adviser to dozens of startups and I continue to provide strategic and marketing advice to help businesses achieve 5X or more increases in revenue and profits.

I continue to invest in startups that have the potential to scale quickly.

My passion is to help entrepreneurs build outstanding businesses and to help business leaders make transformational improvements in their organisational and financial performance.

You can contact me through this site to ask a question or make a blog request.

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